Friday, September 19, 2014

Mission Intermediate Grade Center is the home of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.

Currently we have 5 fourth grade classrooms, 6 fifth grade classrooms, and 5 sixth grade classrooms. We have a departmentalized LD Resource program of three classrooms, as well as a speech/language program.

A team-teaching model is utilized in 5th grade where each teacher has a homeroom class of approximately 21 students and two teaching partners who have a homeroom class as well.  The students begin the day either in their homeroom classroom or in one of their Specials classes (Music, Art, or PE) for 1st and 2nd period.  Students have Language Arts and Reading in their homeroom class in the morning and one other core subject class that their homeroom teacher is responsible for.  Students then travel to either Science, Social Studies, or Math during the last two periods of the day. Lunch and recess take place between fourth and fifth period classes.

All 5th grade students in Oklahoma are tested in five subject areas: Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Writing. Each of the 5th grade teachers is responsible for two of these testing areas and the writing test for their homeroom class. Each 5th grade teacher has three preparations per day. This arrangement gives each teacher more time to prepare daily lessons that meet 5th grade Common Core curricular objectives, incorporate hands-on learning activities, and implement best practices for learning.

The 6th grade is a departmentalized program with teachers providing instruction in each individual subject area. There are five sections of Science, Math, Reading, and Language Arts, and four sections of Social Studies. All are designed to accommodate the hands-on activities and projects included in the 6th grade curriculum.

In addition, 6th grade students have the opportunity to take Pre-AP Math.  Mrs. Waller, our 6th grade math teacher has had extra training in Pre-AP/AP (Advanced Placement) provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the University of Tulsa. Students participating in these classes are working above grade level and exhibited high scores on the 5th grade OCCT Math test.

Mission IGC has a Media Center staffed by Mrs. Susan Landers (certified Media Specialist) and Mrs. Janice Pearson (library assistant).

We have three Internet-connected computer labs housing 25 (PC) computers in each.
One computer lab is located in the sixth grade hallway, one in the fifth grade hallway, and one in the fifth grade hallway. Mission IGC students have a minimum of one fifty-minute period in the computer lab weekly. Every classroom has a minimum of two computers available for student use at the discretion of the teacher.

Fourth and Fifth grade students attend music with Ms. Shelly Wright, art with Mrs. Kristi Mowery, and physical education with Mrs. Brenda Flanary on a three-day rotation.

Sixth grade students choose between being in beginning band or having a three day rotation of music, art, and P.E.

Mrs. Judy Martin is the full-time counselor for Mission IGC. Mrs. Martin is available to assist students, parents, and teachers as needed. Mrs. Martin supervises the Mission IGC Peer Mediation program, the Gifted and Talented Program, and works with small groups of students on various topics. She is available for individual counseling upon request of the student, teacher, or parent, as time permits.

Christy Patton is the Mission IGC Registrar and Chrissie McGrath is the Mission IGC Receptionist. They work diligently to fulfill the office needs for the Mission IGC office.

Barbara Jordan, Title 1 Remedial Specialist, works with individual students who need extra help in reading and/or math.

Title I Teacher Assistants are available to assist Mission IGC students, especially in the areas of reading and math, throughout the school day in the classrooms.